Every single one of our customers is different.  You are each unique and special and we want to celebrate that!  This is a place to share our customers' stories.  We want to know, what makes you WRARE. Has WRARE helped you to embrace and express your individuality somehow?  How has WRARE complemented your unique lifestyle and personality?  We hope you'll share your story with us.

Debbie P.
Fort Worth, TX

How long have you been a WRARE customer?
Since the beginning!

Favorite purchase from the store?
That's a very tough question!  A couple years ago, I bought a beautiful globe that I proudly display in my living room.  I'm always getting comments from my friends about it!

What makes you WRARE?
I love to travel!  To date, I've been to 54 countries!  WRARE helps me express my eclectic style that I've developed from all my travels.  

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What makes you WRARE? 

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